At the core of the Mitsubishi Electric Heating Products is the advanced fifth generation controller (FTC5) which speeds up commissioning and eases operation. The controllers include intelligent room temperature control as standard, this together with advanced weather compensation ensures the system delivers efficient, comfortable heating regardless of the season.

mitsubishi ecodan air to water heat pump

MELCloud is a new Cloud based solution for controlling your Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air to water heat pump systems either locally or remotely by PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone via the Internet.

Set up and remote operation of your Ecodan heating system via MELCloud is simple and straight forward. All you need is a wireless connection in your home or building where the Ecodan is located and an internet connection on your mobile or fixed device. To set up the system, the router and Ecodan Wi-Fi interface needs pairing and this is done simply and quickly via the WPS button found on all mainstream routers.