Heatmiser NeoKit 1 Gen 2 – White

Heatmiser NeoKit 1 Gen 2 – White


Warranty: 2 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

Geo Location Feature
UK/Euro/Australian Adaptor Included
Heating Control
5/2 day, 7 day or 24 hour mode.
Global Features including Holiday, Copy, Away, Temperature Hold
Away Feature
Clock Sync
Remote Firmware Update
Published API


The Heatmiser neoKit 1 works with Apple HomeKit & Google Home and includes 1x neoStat v2 and 1x neoHub Gen 2, allowing you to take control of your heating from anywhere.

Suitable for those with

  • A Combi Boiler System.
  • A Starter Multi Zone System, just add more neoStat
  • Compatible with 10K, 12K, 15K NTC Floor Probes

Key Features

  • Smart Home Compatible – Works with HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT and Alexa
  • Geo-Location Facility You decide what happens when you leave and return home (Configure on a room level)
  • Flexible Programming: Your neoStat can be setup to work in non programmable, weekday/weekend, 7 day or 24 hour programming mode.
  • Smart Profiles – Create a heating program and assign to one or more rooms. All rooms are updated automatically when any changes are made.
  • Wireless Air Sensor / Door Contact Support (not included)
  • Away Mode – Turns your heating and hot water off
  • Push Notifications – Receive a push notification for 1)Door/Window open 2)High/Low temp limit 3)Battery low
  • Clock Sync – Your neoHub will obtain the time from the internet and will automatically correct your neoStats based on your location.
  • Lock – Lock each of your neoStat with a PIN
  • Hold Mode – Hold a temperature in one or more rooms for a number of hours
  • Always Updated – Your system will receive new features and security updates automatically
  • Power Adaptors Included – UK/Euro/Australian Adaptor
  • ‘Meets Boiler Plus’ The new energy saving standar
  • Open API – The open API allows third party developers to integrate with the Heatmiser neoHub.


neoStat v2: The neoStat is mains powered, so at least 3 wires excluding the earth are required at your thermostat position. Swapping your existing thermostat to the neoStat

neoHub: The neoHub requires a DHCP compatible broadband router.

SmartPhone App: iOS 13+ iPhone/iPad | Android 8+ device

ErP Class & Ratings
Individual Product       Multi Room Control with Indvidual Boiler Interlock
I  (1%)                                       Class VIII   (5%)