Heatmiser NeoPlug

45.00 ex VAT

Warranty: 2 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty


Heatmiser neoPlug is a smart plug that allows you to control your appliances from your neoApp. Sure, you can time your appliances to come on and go off on a time schedule and you can control them manually at the touch of a button in the neoApp, but we wanted neoPlug to integrated perfectly with the features you have told us you love on Neo, including Geo Location, Recipes and from your Apple Watch.
Fancy running a recipe to turn your heating on, boost your hot water for an hour and turn your lights on? With Neo you can!

The heatmiser neoPlug also acts as a wireless repeater for the RF and Neo Systems, extending the communication distance around your home.

You can program 4 on/off times via the neoApp and you can manually control the appliance locally or via the app.

Trigger your appliance via the iOS Geo Location feature.

Warranty: 2 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

Expand your Neo System with neoPlug and control your Appliances from Anywhere.

  • Auto / Manual Operating Mode
  • 5/2 Day or 7 Day Operating ode
  • 4 Switching Times per Day
  • Compatible with Geo Location & Recipe Function (iOS)
  • Apple Watch Compatible
  • neoPlug acts as a repeater for the Neo & RF System
  • 13A Rated

Compatibility: Please note the neoPlug is not compatible with the Windows 7 App. Windows 10 is compatible

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