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Underfloor heating is not a new concept in this country.  In the past electric heating elements were buried within floor screeds.  These were heated over night using ‘cheap rate’ electricity.  However, this method was expensive to run and uncontrollable and the building would over heat during the day but in the evening, when heat is generally required, no further heat was available.

Utilising today’s modern multi layer pipes, control systems and heat pumps, the underfloor heating systems of today are extremely comfortable and controllable. Radiators are no longer needed so giving more room space. The heat is more evenly distributed and dust is not circulated.  Underfloor heating from the whole floor area of the house gently warms the air above, eliminating cold spots.



The Mitsubishi Ecodan air to water heat pump or air source heat pump is one of the most advanced heating systems available for homeowners and businesses.  With an A++ ErP Energy Rating Label across the range, this is the ideal clean and green intelligent heating solution.

Whether installed in small flats, or large detached properties, Ecodan air source heat pump can reduce running costs, lower CO2 emissions and offer reliable, sustainable heating and hot water all year around for the majority of homes and commercial properties.

An Ecodan air to water heat pump or air source heat pump can be installed to replace an existing heating system or work alongside it in a hybrid set up.  It can be installed into a new build or renovation project and is compatible with underfloor heating.  It is also simpler to maintain than other heating systems such as gas, and with professional maintenance it can offer an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years.


heat recovery ventilation

A ventilation system with heat recovery (HRV) or (MVHR system) is an energy efficient, controlled and balanced ventilation system. It extracts the moist, stale air from all the wet rooms in your house and replaces it with filtered, fresh, recovered warm air to all your habitable rooms and bedrooms without letting the heat escape.

Your home is fully ventilated throughout the year with as much as 95% of the normally wasted heat being recovered providing you substantial energy savings. A heat recovery system allows your property to stay air tight with no window vents or bathroom extractors being required, creating a healthier and quieter environment.