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The Heatmiser neoAir v3 is our programmable wireless thermostat that is compatible with our RF Switch / UH8-RF and neoHub Mini Wireless Receivers.



  • Battery Powered
  • Heating Mode, Hot Water, Heating & Hot Water Mode
  • Stunning design incorporating illuminated soft touch keys
  • Remote Sensing Option
  • User Selectable Operating Mode: 1) Non Programmable 2) Weekday/Weekend 3) All days different. 4) All days the same 
  • 5 Minute Program Intervals
  • 0.5C Set Temp (eg 20.5C)
  • Self Learning Optimum Start
  • 4 Comfort Levels per Day
  • Temperature Hold Facility
  • Holiday Facility
  • Automatic White Back Light (Turns off after 5 seconds)
  • Surface Mounting
  • C/F Selectable
  • Key Code Facility
  • Frost Protection



Please note there is no receiver included with this product. If you require a receiver, please select one from the option available above.

  • 2 Channel receiver
  • 16A Receiver
  • 8 zone Wireless wiring centre
  • WiFi Smart Hub & Receiver Kits

Want app control? 

The neoAir V3 is compatible with the following hubs;

  • neoHub Mini OT - Select this hub if you have up to 2 heating zones and an OpenTherm compatible boiler.
  • neoHub Mini HW - Select this hub if you have up to 2 heating zones and a hot water cylinder.
  • neoHub - Select this hub if you have up to 32 heating/hot water zones.


Wireless Air Sensor & Door Contact Function - neoHub required

When paired to the neoHub, you can use the wireless air sensor to measure the temperate remotely from the neoStat or to take an average temperature in a larger room. You can also have the heating turn off whenever a window or door is opened with the use of the door contact switch. 


ErP Class & Ratings
Individual Product       Multi Room Control with Indvidual Boiler Interlock
I  (1%)                                       Class VIII   (5%)

Heatmiser NeoAirV3

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